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Combichem Research Laboratory

  1. About the Centre

Central Instrumentation Laboratories

The central instrumentation laboratories are equipped with major instruments like 400 MHz NMR, 300 MHz NMR, GC-MSn, GCMS , Head Space GC, LC-MSn, Powder XRD, MALDI TOF-TOF MS, FTIR with ATR & microscope , UV-VIS spectrophotometers, CHNS-Elemental analyzer, Polarimeter, Circular Dichroism, Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer, Analytical and preparative HPLC systems, DSC, TGA, Spectroflourimeter, Capillary Electrophoresis, Lyophilizer and Ultra Centrifuge etc.

Each department also has a separate specialized instrument laboratory to fulfil individual departmental needs based on the research programs, which includes high and normal pressure multiple organic synthesizer, peptide synthesizer, gel permeable chromatography, hydrogenation reactors, photoreactor, microwaves reactor, GC and HPLC systems, protein purification system, HPTLC, MPLC, spray dryer, lyophilizer, polygraph, stimulator, auto analyser, blood cell counter, tissue processor and embedding set-up, freeze microtome, spheronizer & extruder, Glatt multi-purpose coater, Neocota, inverted and upright microscopes, humidity and thermostatic chambers, automated dissolution apparatus, laser particle size analyzer, incubator shaker, electrophoresis and immunoblot apparatus, gel dryer, imaging densitometer, microelectroeluter, stirred cell microconcentrator, steritest system, scintillation counters, rotapress, fluidized bed dryer, capsule filling machine, strip packing machine, ampoule/vial washing and filling machines, tube filling machine, sparkler filter, multimill and colloid mill.