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Computer Centre

  1. About the Centre

About the Centre

The Computer Centre caters to the needs of faculty, staff and students for their research and teaching. Computer Centre manages and administers high performance computing, named as PharmaGrid.This facility created at NIPER, S.A.S. Nagar is the central facility to establish a nationwide grid for carrying out pharmaceutical research with cutting edge technology. In the first phase, high performance computing facility was created with 192 cores cluster on linux, 64 cores cluster on windows platform and two 16 cores SMP servers. The aggregate compute power of the facility is 3.56 Tflops and the data storage capacity is over 15 Terabytes. The facility will work on all the major aspects of bioinformatics and chemoinformatics viz. genome analysis, sequence analysis, protein structure prediction, QSAR, molecular modeling, molecular dynamics and quantum chemical analysis. To facilitate these, various commercial and free software are available like Discovery studio, pipeline pilot, Amber, CPMD, Gaussian, GROMACS, NAMD, MATLAB, StarDrop, VASP, RDBMS (SQL server, Oracle) and Compilers (C, C++, VC++, Visual Basic, Visual Java, FORTRAN etc.).

In addition to the HPC, Computer Centre has a general purpose computational lab with more than 60 high-end desktops. The various software available are ChemOffice, Pallas, SPSS, Sigmastat, Sigmaplot, Endnote, Acrobat Suit most of the popular Microsoft products like Office 2007/2003/XP/2000, Visual studio, SQL server etc.

Computer Centre also manages and administers other services such as Electronic Information Retrieval System, DTP and helps the Institute community by managing computing resources which are available centrally or in various departments.

A campus-wide gigabit-ethernet local area network (LAN), which uses fiber optic media, makes computing services available across campus. Centre is also equipped with 6 Mbps dedicated internet connectivity allowing users to have access to the email, Internet, SciFinder and ScienceDirect. Faculty and students can use internet, email and computing resources of the Institute from their residences/hostels by dialing through a modem or using the ADSL routers.

The Centre houses eight servers and several computer systems manufactured by IBM/Dell/Compaq/Acer. Computer Centre also supports high speed, network color laser printer, black & white laser printers, color plotter and scanners.

NIPER has subscribed SciFinder and Scientific and Technical Information Network (STN), a leading and comprehensive scientific online information service, giving access to over 200 scientific and technical databases of chemistry, pharmaceutical sciences and biotechnology. STN service has been extended to the outside of NIPER on payment.

The Computer Centre has developed few databases and customized software for various applications.

Projects Completed and Ongoing

Projects Completed and Ongoing :

  • Documentation of label composition of various formulations manufactured in India
  • ITC (HS) classification of drugs, drug intermediates and formulations
  • Updation of formulation database from ORG-MARG
  • Directory of R&D capabilities in the field of tuberculosis (www.databases.niper.ac.in/TBIndia)
  • In-silico prediction of Subcellular localization (www.databases.niper.ac.in/Subcellprot)
  • Central animal facility management software