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Department of Pharmaceutical Analysis

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About the Department

Brief introduction about the department

Though the Department of Pharmaceutical Analysis at NIPER was envisaged in the very original plan prepared in early 90s, it was practically established in July 1999. It was still the time when very few institutions in the country were offering the Masters’ course in this stream. In the last 15 years, the department has grown significantly in the terms of student training, and also quality of research output due to availability of highly sophisticated instrumentation. The research carried out in the department has been recognized nationally as well as internationally. As a result, today it is among the most sought departments by the students seeking admission in the institute. The department has a history of 100% employment of its students. The department since its inception has been supporting Indian pharmaceutical industry through execution of a near hundred sponsored projects and instrumental testing support.

HOD’s message

First of all, I am thankful to the Department of Pharmaceuticals, Ministry of Chemicals and Fertilizers, Government of India for liberal financial support under Pharmaceutical Research and Development Program (PRDP) to our department for buying most sophisticated instruments to carry out industry sponsored and in-house research. The ex- and current Directors, Deans and administration of the institute have also been supportive throughout in bringing the department to the current level of recognition. Of course, there has been immense contribution and efforts of staff and students of the department in its development through the formative years.

The department has contributed significantly by developing practical application protocols for several regulatory requirements enshrined in ICH quality guidelines, like development of stability-indicating assays, forced degradation studies (stress testing) and characterization of impurities and degradation products in active pharmaceutical ingredients and finished pharmaceuticals. These protocols have found many followers in industry and academia both locally and abroad. We expanded our research focus in the last few years to the characterization of various other trace level components, like metabolites, adulterants, and pharmaceuticals as contaminants in the environment. This endeavor has also been very successful. Of course, our interaction with industry to meet their higher-end analytical testing needs has also brought mutual dividends, by helping us to know the industry challenges, and assisting the latter at a time when the said regulatory requirements were very new, and little knowledge and expertise existed with respect to it in the country.

We endeavor to continue our drive to set up new standards of research in the area of pharmaceutical analysis, to bring out best trained students who are in demand, and also to assist the industry and others by fulfilling their testing needs on sophisticated analytical instruments.


Dr. Saranjit Singh

Designation : Professor & HOD, (Department of Pharmaceutical Analysis) Email: ssingh@niper.ac.in Biosketch :


Mr. Sanjay Kumar

Designation : Scientist-II Email: sanjayk@niper.ac.in

Ms. Parul

Designation : Technical Assistant Email: parulniper444@gmail.com parul@niper.ac.in

Mr. Ashu Kumar

Designation : Stenographer ‘C’ Email: ashu@niper.ac.in

Research and Development

Research and Development :

  • Research Areas :
  • The research areas of the department include :
  • - Drug stability and degradation chemistry
  • - Impurity profiling and metabolite identification studies using MS and NMR tools
  • Patents :
  • Saranjit Singh and V. Rama Rao Kamala, Indian Patent, “A Process for Preparing Casted Gelatin Containing Composition” (Application, 1111/Del/2002, dated 6 November 2002; published 29 December 2006; granted 03.03.2008).
  • Industry Collaboration :
  • The department has been involved in more than 100 projects with industry in the area of impurity, degradation product and metabolite profiling. Currently, it is providing higher end analytical testing services to academia, industry and Government organizations.

Facilities in Department

List of Major Instruments along with Photographs




(microQ-TOF, Bruker)

LTQ MS System














Contact Information

Department of Pharmaceutical Analysis


  0172-2214682-87 (Exts.2029, 2030, 2031, 2228)

  91-172-221 4692

Seminar/Projects/Conference held so far

The department has been actively involved in conduct of training programs held under Capacity Building Project, Government of India for 3.5 years; Indian Technical Exchange Cooperation (ITEC) programs sponsored by Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India and DMPK conferences held at NIPER in association with Bristol Myers Squibb, US.