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Technology Development Center (TDC)

  1. About the Centre
  2. Facilities Available
  3. Utility Services
  4. Instrumentation

About the Centre

NIPER, a national institution of excellence, caters to the diverse human re-source, research and consultancy needs of the pharmaceutical industry be it small, medium or large. As a part of its mandate, it has set-up a state of the art Technology Development Center (TDC) where in experimental, pilot plant scale-up and validation, and infrastructural facilities have been made available to companies.

Facilities Available

Synthetic Section :

Pilot plant for the production of synthetic API’s is well equipped with latest equipments and automatic control system for critical parameters. Synthetic section of pilot plant is designed so as to run according to international standards of cGMP. This section of pilot plant is provided with the following equipments :

Herbal Section :

Herbal section of pilot plant consists of advanced extraction units and downstream processing of the herbal extracts. Equipments present in the herbal section are enlisted below :

Powder Handling Section :

This section of pilot plant is laid out according to the GMP requirements. The equipments available are listed below :

Glass Assemblies :

Provision is made for the scale-up operations of all laboratory processes in synthetic drugs and Herbals in glass assemblies. Follow-ing equipments are provided in this section.

Utility Services

The department is utility services on :

  • Boiler capacity 500 Kg/hr. at a pressure of 10 kg/ cm2 with pressure reducing station; Non IBR.
  • Refrigeration, Chilled water plant of 20 ton capacity at +5 °C, Chilled brine plant of 6 ton capacity at – 20°C with storage tanks of 2 m3 capacity each for brine & chilled water.
  • Cooling tower of 100 TR capacity operating at 35°C max.
  • Vacuum service at 2- 100 torr.
  • Cryogenic temperature with liquid nitrogen or dry ice.
  • High temperature system at 250 °C max.
  • Compressed air provision for automatic controls.
  • PSA unit for on line nitrogen
  • Cooled filtered air
  • AHU in powder handling area
  • Dedicated fire hydrant system with appropriate Fire Ex-tinguishers for safety.


Pilot plant of NIPER is equipped with automatic data logging system and control system for monitoring and control of critical parameters such as temperature, pressure, pH etc. Agitator RPM control is done by Variable frequency drives provided at each reactor.

Auto logging of Data

  • Relevant parameters such as temperature, pressure, pH, humidity, fluid flows (steam, CHW, CHB) during the reaction get logged during reaction at predefined intervals in a PC.
  • All the reactors, columns, heat exchangers, subcoolers and the process lines are provided with RTD’s and further connected to centrally placed PCs.
  • All measured variables could be logged at predetermined time intervals in a centrally placed PC for plotting and analysis.
  • Further processing leads to insights into reaction and generation of thermodynamic data.

Effluent Treatment Plant

  • Equalization tank, neutralizing tank and a solar pond for aqueous effluent.
  • Isolated process water system.
  • Incinerator for waste solvents and combustible solids.
  • Control Plan
  • Provide all reaction vessels with appropriate sensors.
  • Connectivity of equipments to scanner & PC, which are centralized, located.
  • Temperature and pressure control at appropriate equipments.
  • PLC based, multipurpose console for hooking up with a specific instrument configuration with provision for :
  • Temperature control
  • Pressure control
  • pH control

Process Control Laboratory

The following equipments are available for the process control parameters analysis :

  • HPLC system, 2 Systems
  • GLC system, 2 systems
  • UV
  • Auto titrator
  • TLC
  • Melting point apparatus
  • Rotatory Evaporator
  • Analytical Balance
  • Ultrasonic bath
  • High vacuum pump
  • BOD/ COD testing instruments
  • R & D laboratory

Trained Manpower

The institute has recruited Engineer, Science graduates and post graduates to carry out pilot plant trials. The entire operating staff works under the supervision of the faculty member incharge of Technology development centre. Other experienced faculty members can also be consulted as and when desired. The details of educational and research background of faculty members is available on NIPER website.